Goal focused, feedback driven giveaways for Shopify stores.

Create, automate, forecast and analyse your giveaways with Windfall.

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Screenshot of giveaway templates in the Windfall app

Create once, run forever.

Save enormous time and turn your giveaway events into templates for repeat use with an effortless button press activation.

Screenshot of giveaway page on the Windfall app

Forget discount codes creation.

Get a scalable discount code generation at your fingertips that automatically rewards the right prize to the right customer.

Screenshot of analytics page on the Windfall app

Reflect on performance.

Set goals for every giveaway and reach your revenue targets through a feedback loop that pushes you do better every time.

Screenshot of email configuration page on the Windfall app

Built-in email automation.

Never get bogged down by tedious prize distribution tasks. Automatically send multiple prizes to winners via bulk emails.